A Report on Gathering Held on 13th October, 2022

Prepared by Ashiknaz Khokhar

The gathering started with a word of prayer from Brenda of Uganda and then followed by the welcoming of new members who was Zenaida Robert from Tanzania. Zenaida is a university student.

Collins Ong’oma from Kenya shared his experience as he observed in the social media that in previous week there was a World Mental Health Day. He shared about a man who were holding a play card to make an experiment to see the society attractions. So said that people are very centric and their attention is only their self. Sometime we are very selfish and ignore others and their needs. Due to our unlessening behavior, we are losing our relations. Collins insisted to get the counseling to keep his relations strong with others.

Becky from Uganda shared her experience that she talked about the addiction of drugs in youth which is affecting the mental health of people.

She talked about her friend who was also in addiction of drug abuse which she referred to a counselor to sustain her mental health. She also helped people through a club organization by providing food and other items.

Tumuhaise Jenipher talked about the early age marriages of school dropper. Many students could not pass the school exams who are staying in a same class for years and they do have the financial issues to afford the school fee and other needs. She said that we should encourage students to repeat the class and don’t get disappointed with the hurdles.

Mutie Redemptah of Kenya shared her experience to reach to unreached people. She shared as in Pakistan is affected with flood where people are marginalized. We should help the people who are addicted and facing the isolation issues. We should reach out to them and listen to people who are homeless and without shelter. We should organize seminars, workshops and debates to talk on these crucial issues.

Brenda from Uganda shared her experience that recently she met a girl who was early age pregnant and she was much depressed and about to abort who was highly in need of counseling. She was much in isolation and upset. If we look out her condition that people were hard to her and no one was there to help her. There must be some group or organization to support her in schooling and to handle her in early pregnancy. Society and Church needs to listen these kinds of people. Brenda will join a organization who will support girls when they are in trouble and depressed due to early age marriage or early pregnancy.

Gerald Mang’era from Kenya said that he congratulated all the members of small Christian gathering that they are highlighting very important things. He said that marginalized people have more challenges who are living in rural areas or far from the cities. It upon us that how we understand the situation and challenges of marginalized. There are lot of limitations for marginalized people. I always tried to motivate them to make progress and how to fight with their challenges. He said that he also worked on their mental health and awareness of these people through an organization where they bring up topic to discuss the issues. They are assisting people in all kind of disability especially in mental health. Due to rain, there are garbage and blockage which make surrounding worst. They encourage people how to dispose their garbage and how to reuse the plastic. We all raised in spirituality and we should feel the pain of others to release them from problems.

Juma from Uganda shared his experience my community has a issue of early pregnancy and also street children. There are many places having issues of prostitution which is alarming. He met with community and make a consultation with kids and different organizations and orphanages. All street kids are not orphans nor all having shelter. They met with the girls who having early age pregnancy and came to know about their challenges. They also provided these girls things which was for their needs. These girls left the school and now taking care of their babies. They convinced the girls to complete their study and get a good job to brought up their kids in good way and also to help their husband in finance. Juma is much focused about Mother and Child health and he will continue the work of awareness of these depressed girls. He said that we should encourage the people with actions and make their life easy.

Zenaida Robert from Tanzania said she having lot of challenges in her society. Her friend is one month pregnant and she wants to abort it. Zenaida encouraged to her that this is not a end of her life so she should over come in her fear.

She motivated her to continue her study rather than to drop out.

Alloys Nyakundi from Kenya said that He joined a NGO which is helping his community and people. He making sure that people must be heard and not feel isolation. He suggested that we should join platforms which can help people in their local towns.

Ashiknaz Khokhar from Pakistan shared his work experience with flood affectees. He said that we should all focus on our local areas and community that what are their problems and issues. He also said that Catholic church locally may not listen to people but as group of locals you can write to Vatican regarding the church related issues. He said that they are raising funds for flood affectees for Christmas.

Alloys made a announcement that money they are sending to small Christian gathering participants is a token of internet charges which they are using to attend the meeting. This is a not a payment.

He said we should look for some platforms where we can get support or sponsored to help our communities.

The facilitator for the next meeting was suggested to be Gerard.

The meeting ended with a word of prayer from Alloys. The next meeting will be on 27th October 2022.

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