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Pope Francis dismisses critics of his teachings (NCR)

Vatican City -- Pope Francis is firing back at foes of his efforts to make the Catholic church more open and pastoral in its ministry, telling an interviewer that “they are acting in bad faith to foment divisions.”

The pontiff’s lengthy interview in Avvenire, the official newspaper of the Italian hierarchy, was published Friday and followed days of news coverage of demands by four hard-line cardinals who have grave concerns about Francis’ approach.

The four say that focusing on ministering to people in their particular circumstances is eroding the church’s doctrinal absolutes and that Francis must dispel any ambiguities or face serious consequences.

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Pope announces 17 new Cardinals in consistory

(Vatican Radio)  Pope Francis at the end of his Angelus on Sunday announced the creation of 17 new Cardinals. A consistory will be held on the 19 of November, the eve of the closing of the Jubilee of Mercy.

13 of the new Cardinals will be under 80 years and will be eligible to vote in a conclave.

The Holy Father said that those chosen come from five continents. They include three American Archbishops and Archbishops from Mauritius and Bangladesh. Read more

CCRI Director Rene Reid said, "This is wonderful news for the reform movement. The U.S. appointees are all progressive. I hope the same is true for those appointed in the rest of the world. This gives us hope that, when Francis retires, the next pope will continue his vision of mercy and may even be more open."