Opening Prayer - Strategy Team - 15 June 2016

Mary Beth Stein shared this prayer with the team:

Holy One, for the longest time we have prayed, "Your kingdom come,"
and often we have wanted it to come in a supernatural way that did not ask too much of us. 

We have longed for your reign but imagined it elsewhere,
not recognizing that it truly is a gift you have already given
- - but a gift that calls forth all our own gifts to receive it as fully as you intend. 

Let your kingdom come into our hearts and into our hands,
and help us to activate it in our lives through the choices we make and the relationships we enter. 

May our own self-transcendence cause us to grow in freedom,
and from the place of freedom may we choose to live in compassion and love. 


(Judy Cannato: Field of Compassion: How the New Cosmology is Transforming Spiritual Life, p95.)