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Easter Message-2019

Resurrecting our Church (the Body of Christ today)

The Paschal Mystery is still alive today.

We have countless opportunities to bring new life where there is death. As we live through the death and resurrection of Jesus during this sacred season, let us look inwards to see what each of us can do to be true followers of Jesus and to give new life to our Church. We at CCRI have moved from exerting so much energy into "reforming" the institutional church. Rather, we are focused on "re-founding" our church in the spirit of the early Christians. In that first century after Jesus ascended into Heaven, there were small gatherings of Christians with an anointed leader. They were simply followers of Jesus meeting in catacombs and in Christian homes doing what Jesus asked: remembering him by replicating the last supper. In all likelihood, this gathering was not just 12 men but included women and children as well.

Colm Holmes with We Are Church Ireland commissioned this picture to be painted

Newsletter - 26 February 2019

Reactions to the Bishops Conference  

Now that the Bishops Conference on the protection of minors is over, here are the reactions that have come in so far.

Concrete changes are coming from women, not from the hierarchy

As the anti-abuse summit of the Presidents of Bishops' Conferences ends in Rome, the consensus emerges that the most powerful voices belonged to the survivors gathered in Rome, and the few women whose voices were heard in and around the Vatican. 

But the question still remains: Will anything change?


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