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Is the Church changing with COVID-19?

Virginia Saldanha, one of our Strategy Team members, the former executive secretary of the Office of Laity of the Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences, and a freelance writer and advocate for women's issues based in Mumbai, India has raised this question. Is the Church changing with COVID-19. 

Perhaps this time of empty church buildings symbolically exposes the reality of our lived faith and should move us to examine whether our "Church going" leads us to a more authentic lived experience of faith.

Pope Francis preaching to an empty gathering in St. Peter's Square is symbolic of the empty churches all over the world

Catholic Women Striking from Church Involvement during the Month of May

Women are the lifeblood of the Church

We will make our presence known by our absence!

It is time to boycott the institutional Church. If women stopped showing up for Church, stopped working for the diocese, stopped donating, the institution would screech to a halt. Women must refuse to participate in our own oppression. Without women, the pews and the collection baskets would be nearly empty.

Starting on May 3 (World Day of Prayer for Vocations), the entire month of May will launch coordinated, global, prophetic demonstrations or witnesses demanding women's equality in the Roman Catholic Church through strikes, re-directions of resources, and radical acts.

We find inspiration and hope in the Maria 2.0 movement that started last May in Germany, and continues to be a witness for equality through demonstrations and courageous dialogue for women in the German Church. We are strengthened by the support of numerous other reform organizations in this effort and we ourselves are joining in this movement.


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