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Newsletter - 18 February 2019

                                                                                                                                     February 18, 2019

Join our Prayers for the Bishops Conference   

As preparations are being made for the all-important Bishops conference beginning in a few days, CCRI wants the organizing committee to have our two letters foremost in their minds: Our letter to Fr. Hans Zollner and our letter to Cardinal Cupich. What can you do? Please reread these two letters and, if you agree, forward them to your bishop. Let's do all in our power to make sure the bishops deciding these important issues hear the voices of the People of God.

Our prayers from all over the world are with all these men as they prepare to begin this conference. We especially pray that the bishops will hear the Holy Spirit and begin to implement essential changes in our church that will go well beyond a plan to punish the abusers and actually address the real cause of the problem.

Will be sending regular reports 

Virginia Saldanha from India will be our representative in Rome during this conference. She will be attending the press conferences and sending us daily reports which we'll pass onto through our newsletter. 

Many of us who care deeply about our Church will be watching closely. But our very real fear is that the outcome of this gathering will be that the bishops will only place band aids on the sex abuse crisis in the church. In order to truly resolve the issue at its core, our global network is convinced beyond any doubt that mandatory celibacy on all men who feel called to the priesthood is the deep-seeded cause. Yet, despite Pope Francis's stringent efforts to end clericalism, we have heard him say recently that he would lay down his life to preserve celibacy. As the organizing committee, Cardinal Cupich, Cardinal Gracias, Archbishops Scicluna, and Fr. Zollner are needed to be the voices of reason. It is our deepest prayer that they will be able to help the bishops see the role that clericalism plays in this crisis and begin to take the essential steps to rid the church of this disorder once and for all. For this to happen, celibacy must be optional; women must be treated with equality; and church structure must be decentralized and include the People of God in the decision-making.

Your donations are most appreciated

Grateful to all for your donations and contributions of ideas. I am hopeful that all of our suggestions will be weighed and evaluated by the Organizing Committee who has worked hard in preparing this conference.

Rene Reid

CCRI, director