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Newsletter - 13 August 2016

To all interested in seeing the Church evolve into the values of Vatican II:

There are many things we can do together to continue to call for the reform of our Church

Join us in making a selfie video



Using your cellphones or computers, we invite you to create a simple, homemade video beginning with these words": I call for the reform of the Catholic Church because ....." We encourage you to keep it short and simple making it balanced, courteous, and clear. If you have more to say, feel free to make a second video. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will put all of these into a YouTube video and post them on Facebook encouraging others to join with us. Mary Beth (USA) has made a model video to help you.

Call a gathering in your community 

You may already be holding meetings in your area. Now we invite you to share the outcomes of these meetings on

If you're interested in gathering a few people together and would appreciate some help in getting this started, click here. Following on the two Synods attended almost entirely by bishops, there is discussion among reform groups about holding a People's Synod sometime in the future. Your local gatherings could well be a lead up to this and become part of a growing global movement: Act Local - Think Global.

Virginia Saldanha (India) said this about local gatherings: "If we don't act, positive changes will not happen. Local and smaller communities have a greater sense of participation. It is an opportune moment in history. Francis wants a thorough going synodality that listens to the grass roots. Our focus on local gatherings is apt, because local communities model a style of participation that needs to be adapted to the larger communities that build on the local church."


Share the report from the Indian Women's Theological Forum

On behalf of the Indian Women Theologian Forum, Virginia Saldanha offers in summary their deliberations from their meetings held in 2015 and 2016 which present their Vision of a new way of being Church. We encourage you to share this report with others in your part of the world - most especially with Indian and Asian groups.

Become involved in the selection of your bishop when a replacement is forthcoming

This article, Selecting Australia's Bishop: Finding a Role for All, written by Peter Wilkinson, may give you a model for how to participate in the selection of a bishop in your community. This is reprinted with permission from The Swag, Autumn 2016. Unless we begin to take the initiative and speak up, lay Catholics will continue to be ignored. Remember: even Canon law says that it is our right and our duty to speak up for the good of our Church. Let your voice be heard!

Join in our blog discussion group with other reform-minded people from around the world

We invite you to join in the global discussions that include artificial contraception, cohabitation, divorce/remarriage, envisioning a transformed church, Eucharistic famine, interfaith marriage, lapsed Catholics, LGBT community, primacy of conscience, priestly celibacy, and the role of women. Go now to PopeFrancisCanYouHearUs, subscribe and be notified by email of new posts:

Thanks to all for your support and donations We especially appreciate your willingness to do your part in bringing about the reform of our Church. Reform cannot come on its own. It needs us - the People who are the Church - speaking out. Let Pope Francis, the bishops, and the world at large hear your voice!

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