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Newsletter - 16 May 2016

Greetings at the start of this Pentecost Season of the Church:

CCRI is here to support reform movements coming from various organizations throughout the world. If you agree, we invite you to sign the following three petitions:


Petition in Support of Married Priests

Countless priests have left the priesthood - most often because, while they want to serve as a priest, they also want to love a woman and have a family. And all too often, they are dismissed in disgrace and treated as outcasts. Many even fall into poverty. This petition coming from the Order of Franciscans Ecumenical (OFE) simply asks the Church, particularly in this Jubilee Year of Mercy, to be merciful within its own ranks. Go here to read the full petition and, if you agree, please sign it. You may sign either as an individual or as an organization.

Petition in support of the Role of Women

This grassroots campaign, sponsored by more than two dozen Catholic Organizations, asks that the Church cease subordinating the role of women in the Church and move toward creating A Church for our Daughters. They are now seeking global signatures to add to their petition to the US Bishops' Conference for their June meeting. You may offer your support either as an individual and/or on behalf of an organization. Go here to read the full petition and, if you agree, please sign it. 

Petition in support of reinstating Reverend Professor Hans Kung as an official Catholic theologian

As you may know, /Father Küng wrote an article in last month's edition of NCR wherein he shares that Francis has responded to his request to have a free discussion on the infallibility dogma. "I was thus overjoyed to receive a personal reply from Francis immediately after Easter. Dated March 20, it was forwarded to me from the nunciature in Berlin," says Professor Küng. In the pope's reply,Küng lists the significant points. Read the entire NCR article and editor's notes here.

U.S. Catholic groups commend Pope Francis for responding affirmatively to Hans Kung's request for dialogue, call for restoring Kung's standing as a Catholic theologian and urge greater recognition for the pastoral role of theologians


If you have not already signed this petition, we invite you t join with us in asking Pope Francis to reinstate Hans Küng as a Catholic Theologian. Unlike similar acknowledgements in times past, we urge Pope Francis to reinstate this wonderful priest who has contributed so much to Catholic theology, and to do so during his lifetime.  

In all three of these petitions, if you agree and are able, please post these on your websites and promote them in your newsletters.  


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