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Press Releases 2014


COR Press release 09-30-14 COR sending the voices of the people to the Synod.

Press Release 09-09-14 announcing CCRI's plan to hold Forum in Rome during Upcoming Synod on the Family

Press Release 06-23-14 expressing CCRI's dismay at the just released Instrumentum Laboris

Press Release 06-13-14 requesting a more amicable resolution for the excommunication of Martha and Gert Heizer in llight of the fact that no priest found guilty of sex abuse has been excommunicated.

Press Release 02-28-14 supporting the Vatican's considering appointing a married couple to the Pontifical Council for the laity and upgrading this council to the status of a Congregation.

Press Release 02-17-14 questioning the Pope's appointment of mostly clerics to the Pontifical Council for the Laity.

Press Release 10-22-13 expressing our appreciation that our proposed topic of acknowledging the role and responsibilities of the laity was discussed at his recent meeting with the eight Cardinals.

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Press Release10-22-13 formally translated in Hungarian