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Young people, your voice is important!

Despite internal resistance within the Vatican, Pope Francis and General Secretariat want to hear from all young people throughout the world

Last January, the Vatican promised that a questionnaire open to all young people would be released on March 1st. It is now mid-May and still hasn’t come out. It seems apparent that there is internal resistance in the Vatican from those who do not want just anybody sending in responses, which an on-line survey would be open to. But, on the other side, that is exactly what Pope Francis and Cardinal Baldisseri want. Recently this article was posted on UCA News describing the Synod General Secretariat’s visit to Hong Kong and his meeting there with young people. It is entitled: Synod official listens to Hong Kong youth and subtitled Upcoming Synod of Bishops in Rome will take into account the views of young people all over the world.

CCRI is encouraged to hear the General Secretariat of the Synod office indicate that this questionnaire is still forthcoming. Cardinal Baldisseri indicated that the Synod on Youth wants the participants to be “all young people on the earth, not just Catholics and Christians. He encouraged Hong Kong Catholics not to ignore the ‘opportunity to be involved’ in the synod and to keep a look out at the General Secretariat website for a questionnaire which you can fill out online." Our young adult sub-committee is standing by ready to promote the Vatican questionnaire or, in the alternative if the matter is left unresolved in Rome, they are ready to release their own questionnaire or a series of comments from young people to be sent directly to his office, the General Secretariat for the Synod of Bishops.