Fr Hans Küng appreciates our support

Dear René Reid,

Thank you for your kind mail. Personally I do not strive for an official rehabilitation, but I appreciate your sympathy and loyalty and welcome your initiative. The Pope’s fraternal response to my »Appeal« may encourage you.

With all good wishes,
Hans Küng

Petition to reinstate Rev Professor Hans Küng as an official Catholic theologian

7 May 2016

Dear Fr. Küng,

We will be watching eagerly for your dialogue with Pope Francis. He seems to be genuinely open to discussions such as this. If it is not well publicized, please keep us in the loop of knowing when and how it will take place and we will notify all of our supporters.

Grateful for all that you have done over your lifetime,

Rene Reid
Director, CCRI

10 May 2016

Dear René,

Thank you for your message.

In NCR (March 25 – April 7) my article was fully published. 

The Pope's answer will certainly follow in one of the next issues.


Hans Küng