No Synod Transparency from Irish Bishops

PRESS RELEASE                                        15 March 2022                                                                                                                          
Pope Francis has asked us all to take part in the Synodal process and let our voices be heard. But it is our bishops who will finalise the Synthesis or summary for Ireland. So We Are Church decided to ask our bishops do they plan to make public their Synthesis?
We wrote to the Executive Secretary of the Irish Bishops Conference on 21 Jan 2022 and Msgr Joe Mc Guinness replied on 31 Jan 2022:
Thank you for your letter. I will bring it to the attention of the Bishops for discussion at the next General Meeting of the Irish Bishops’ Conference in March.
Last week we read the reports of our bishop’s March meeting: But there was no reply to our simple question: Will the Synthesis of the Irish Bishop's National Conference be made public? 
We know that almost all dioceses will be publishing their diocesan synthesis, as strongly recommended by the Vatican's Synod Office. But the Vatican Synod Office makes no recommendation for publication of any National Synthesis.

No doubt the bishops have a busy agenda. But the Synod is just now being discussed in parishes across Ireland. Transparency and accountability are essential to help restore so much trust that has been lost in our bishops. People should know before they take part whether the National Synthesis will be published or not, as the National Synthesis is the summary for all of Ireland. How else will we know how our views are being presented? 
Colm Holmes
WAC Ireland
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