Transfigured, configured, disfigured?

By chhotebhai

Kanpur, March 14, 2022: On March 13 the Church celebrated the feast of the Transfiguration. While the gospel was being read my thoughts raced ahead.

The three Synoptic Gospels refer to the Transfiguration (cf Mat 17:1-8, Mk 9:2-8, Lk 9:28-36). Peter, who was present then, also alludes to it (cf 2 Pet 1:16-18).Significantly, all three synoptic writers situate this event shortly after Jesus’ first prediction of his passion. Mathew and Mark place it at 6 days later, while Luke says 8 days. This minor anomaly further convinces us that such an event did indeed take place.

How do we view the Transfiguration? That would largely depend on how we view Jesus and our personal relationship with him. Since the New Testament was written in Greek the word used is metamorphosis. In Greek mythology this was an attribute of the gods, to change their appearance. This is also to be seen in the many avatars of Hindu deities that have various aakaars (shapes).

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