Indian Catholic Forum

Dear Friend,

As you are probably aware the Indian Catholic Forum has had to indefinitely postpone the proposed gathering in Bangalore in February in preparation for the Synod; because of the Corona resurgence. The next best way of determining the Sensus Fidei (Sense of the Faithful) that Pope Francis refers to, is by an online Survey. We had in all probability sent you the link to the Survey earlier, and some of you may have responded to it. Thank you.

However, we still need many more responses to make it truly reflective of the Sensus Fidei. Hence I am resending the link as shown below. Please access it, if not done so already, and submit it online. It is completely confidential. Once the form is submitted there is no way that we can trace the respondent.

I also humbly request you to please forward this email to other Catholics in India who are on your mailing list, with the fervent request to please help in this synodal exercise. Please note that Pope Francis says that the voices of those on the margins or even those who have "left" the church are equally important. So we fervently request those who have, for whatever reason, stopped going to Church, to please use this golden opportunity to express yourselves.

A word in confirmation will be deeply appreciated. I thank you in anticipation of your kind co-operation and wish you and yours a blessed New Year.


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