From Peripheries he comes as outcast

The Homeless Jesus comes to the Vatican

 By ANDREA TORNIELLI in Vatican Insider, 3/03/2016

The statue of Jesus that sits at the entrance of the Office of Papal Charities.

A life-size sculpture of the Nazarene, depicted as a homeless person lying down on a bench, has been placed at the entrance of the Office of Papal Charities. It was created by Canadian sculptor Timothy P. Schmalz

 (Note: “From the Peripheries.” That is how Francis started his pontificate: “Go out into the peripheries…..yes, out, out of your churches of sacristies to the far-flung outcasts and cast outs who live in the peripheries, “favellas” and of whom you know nothing about.” These faceless, homeless, broken-down humans represent the “crumbling church of St.Damian” a St. francis was asked to “Go and repair” and not churches built of  brick and mortar. Note the “homeless Jesus sleeping covered in blanket before the papal office. In it we should see the image of the ongoing crucifixion of Jesus. In earlier Notes CCV wrote, “Jesus wandering about dressed in a tunic (over which they caste lots) never had even a home address. Such homeless persons in the shanty towns are the living-crumpling-temples of God, His Church today has to build or rebuild, and not 50-crore and one-crore monstrosities (towers of Babel) of pride and worldly glory. Stop therefore forthwith the present “church building mania”, and go about our neighborhood, imitating Jess doing good, feeding, heeling, comforting, helping, totally immersed in the works of mercy in this Year of Mercy. james kottoor, editor)

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