Choosing the next Archbishop of Melbourne:

 how it should occur, and why this is important

by Peter Wilkinson

The Diocese of Melbourne was established in 1847.  It became an archdiocese in 1874.  To date, it has had 8 archbishops.  The first three were Irish: James Goold (1848-1886), Thomas Carr (1886-1917), and Daniel Mannix (1917-1963). The next five have all been Australian-born: Justin Simonds (1963-1967), James Knox (1967-74), Thomas Francis Little (1974-1996), George Pell (1996-2001), and Denis Hart (2001-present). The main task of the Australians has been to embrace and implement the vision of the 2nd Vatican Council.  How well they have done that will determine their legacy.

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