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Francis's Vision for the Church

You will gain an insight into the pope's vision of the Church and how he sees his role by reading his pre-conclave comments to the Cardinals the evening prior to his election in 2012. These comments may guide all reform organizations toward a more effective action plan.The pope is not going to dictate changes from the top down. He has made it clear that he wants his bishops to bring proposals to him.

Individually, to solve current problems, each one of us must take on the role of addressing our local bishops to get them to ask the pope for what the people feel is needed in their locale. For example, it is likely that one bishop somewhere in the world will ask to allow for the acceptance of married priests or the appointment of a community leader because he has no other alternative to make the Eucharist available to the people. And, when this is asked, it most likely will be granted. That is how we envision Pandora’s box will be opened - on a local level one region at a time.

We encourage you to take this duty seriously. Make your wants known to your local bishops. Click here, to find the name of the delegates and attendees to the 2015 Family Synod.