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Position Papers for 2014 Synod of Bishops

September 2014: Our Position Papers have been delivered to the Synod of Bishops from CCR Int'l as our gift sharing the wisdom of our experience in living as Christian families in today's world and the challenges that Church teaching presents.

These papers were also be the agenda topics for all Regional Gatherings held around the world.

Our Recommendations for the Synod

Pope Francis has encouraged all to be part of the synodal process. From January to May, 2014, we discussed the family-related issues that would be discussed in the Synod.. Our working groups then put together a set of recommendations for the Synod which we released to Cardinal Baldisseri and the Synod on May 22, 2014. To view the entire submission as provided to the Synod, click here. To read in other languages, see below.

   Read our submission to the Synod here

   Nuestra contribución al Sínodo

   Unsere Impulse für die Synode

   Il nostro contributo al Sinodo sulla Famiglia

Agenda Topics for the Regional Gatherings

The Agenda Topics are put forth to give a uniformity to all Regional Gatheringsheld either locally or online throughout the world.  There are four topics which can be addressed in a variety of ways depending on the desire of each gathering. Ideally, it is suggested that Regional Gatherings consider committing to four meetings – one meeting per topic. They could be spread out weekly, bi-monthly, or even one per month. For large group gatherings, it may work best to hold an all-day Saturday meeting in which all four topics would be covered in break-out sessions, two in the morning and two in the afternoon.These decisions will be made by the organizers of the gatherings.

To view the entire submission as provided to the Synod, click here.