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CCRI's 2015 Plans

plan - do - check - actSynod of BishopsAs we spend this year preparing for the 2015 Ordinary Synod, CCRI strives to reform our Church from an exclusive club made up of members who keep all the rules to an inclusive community where all are welcomed. Like Pope Francis, our vision is a Church more like a field hospital: nursing the wounded, welcoming the forsaken, showing compassion to those hurting, and fogiving those who have made mistakes along the way. See our strategy plans outlined through October 2015.Image result for images of pope francis sitting alone in his papal chair
We can't leave the reform of the Church up to the all male hierarchy. Pope Francis has asked to hear from us.

Join our blog discussion and share your personal experiences of how church teachings have impacted your lives- for better or for worse. How has the church helped you in your lives and how, if at all, how church teachings caused you pain?
Share the full report of our Jubilee paper, The People Speak, and our 2-page Summary with your bishop, pastor, clergy - anyone who may have an influence with the bishops who will be voting at the Synod. Click here, to find the name of the delegates and attendees to the 2015 Family Synod.