Support for petition to reinstate Prof. Hans Küng

Chris Mcdonnell has posted this on the ACP website:

In a posting I made on the ACP site on October 12th 2013-which was in fact a review of Kung’s new book “Can the catholic church survive?” – I concluded with this comment:

“A most significant and charitable action towards Kung would be for Francis to restore Kung’s credentials as a Catholic Teacher who, throughout these difficult years has remained a priest in good standing. The restoration of Teilhard de Chardin only came after his death. It would be a pity if history were to repeat itself.”

I made a similar comment recently in an article in the Catholic Times on the occasion of his birthday.

Further, in an article in the Dominican Journal SPIRITUALITY in December last year, I developed the argument:

“Hans Kung is now in his late 80s and in recent years has not enjoyed good health. What a gesture of generosity it would be, recognising his significant contribution to the Council and the post-Conciliar years, were his teaching credentials to be restored. Throughout these difficult years, he has remained a priest in good standing with the Church and there has never been any suggestion of parting company with the See of Peter.”

The current petition deserves our support.