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Our Mission

Our mission is

(1) to live our baptismal rights and responsibilities by speaking out for the good of the People of God, thereby affirming transformative change in the Catholic Church;

(2) to work towards the creation of Small Christian Communities based on the Gospel values of inclusivity, justice, love and truth;

(3) to support the work of others working for reform;

(4) to promote synodality throughout the world; to embrace the synodal style in all that we do.

Only when such structural and systematic transformations occur, will additional specific reform issues take place.


  1. to give reformers worldwide an opportunity to speak out with all of our diversity;
  2. to reinforce to the Vatican, to ourselves, and to Catholics everywhere that, by virtue of our baptism, we already have the right and responsibility to speak out for the good of our Church;
  3. to encourage the faithful to think independently, to recognize the primacy of their conscience, and that it is their duty to speak out on matters that concern the good of our Church;
  4. to transform our belief that We are the Church into forward moving action steps; and to return our Church – in the spirit of Vatican II – to the values and spirit that Jesus modelled.