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Primary Focus

Our Primary Focus for 2015 is to effect reform of the governance of the Catholic Church. To this end we have laid out a Strategy Plan for this year put forward by our Strategic Team and supported by our Advisory Group who develop our actions and strategies and guides our direction.

In line with our overall objective to gain a voice for the baptized in the governance of our Church our Focus is:

  1. to gain representation of a diverse group of 21st century families at the October 2015 Synod.
  2. to act as responsible members of our Church by taking proactive steps to speak out on matters that concern the good of our Church.
  3. to be respectful and objective, rather than confrontational or rebellious, as we communicate with church hierarchy in preparing for the 2015 Synod.
  4. to explore ways to creatively contribute valuable input to the Synod of 2015, whether or not the lay faithful are invited to participate.
  5. to communicate with particular offices within the hierarchy.

Our overall focus relates to:

  • Transformational return to the Gospel message of Jesus
  • Selection and election of bishops
  • Decentralization and co-responsibility
  • Accountability, transparency and inclusiveness
  • Gender equality in every aspect of mission, ministry, and decision making
  • Listening to the voice of the People of God, the sensus fidelium
  • Support formation of Small Christian Communities
  • Encourage Synodal gatherings of the People of God globally
  • Ensure that the People are adequately represented at the 2023 Synod in Rome