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People guiding the direction of CCRI

These groups have gradually come together as individuals with an eclectic base of professional or religious expertise and a deep commitment to reform of our Church. The countries represented by these members are: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Panama, Philippines, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, United States

Board of Directors

Filo Hirota, Council for Justice and Peace, rep for Japan, Italy
Rene Reid, co-founder and author, U.S.

Special Advisor

Joan Chittister, author, lecturer, U.S.

Strategic Team

The people making the ultimate decisions for CCRI

Kochurani Abraham theologian, speaker, and author India
Rachael  Alphonso young adult committee India
Barbara  Born Researcher for Church Reform  
Clyde  Christofferson Attorney and member of NOVA, an Intentional Eucharistic Community USA
Barbara  Dreher CSJ; Sisters of St. Joseph of Carandolet USA
Charlie Gibson   USA
Barbara  Guerin   USA
Claire Hitchens Call To Action USA
Colm Holmes We Are Church Ireland
Paul  Hwang Woori Theological Institute, Seoul, South Korea
Zach Johnson CTA Executive Director USA
Paschal  Kearney retired Irish member of the Holy Ghost Fathers/Spiritans Australia
Ashiknaz  Khokhar church reformer Pakistan
Socorro Martinez Maqueo    
Peter  Mbuchi Methu Interfaith Africa Kenya
Elizabeth Ngami    
Alloys Nyakundi liaison with Small Christian Communities Kenya
Don  Pribor Church Worker Justice Organizer for Call To Action Mexico/Brazil
Lula Ramires    
Michael  Redfearn digital literacy consultant Canada
Rene  Reid author and co-founder of CCRI USA
Christina  Reymer active church reformer New Zealand
Virginia  Saldanha Indian Women’s Theological Forum India
Jean Pierre Schmitz Global Council Network France
Ed  Schreurs Open Church Alliance Netherlands
Valerie  Stroud CCRI Webmaster UK


CCRI Advisors

The people who advise the Strategic Team to make the ongoing decisions for CCR Int'l

Abbot Father Michael   Order of Franciscans Ecumenical USA
Brad     USA
Anne and Edmund  Aquilar   New Zealand
John  Buggy Australian Reforming Catholics Australia
Brendan  Butler Irish Catholic Ireland
Larry  Carney former Basilian Canada
Con  Carroll reformer Ireland
JanStephen  Cavanaugh USA
Dennis  Collier Call to Action – Madison Area (Wisconsin USA
Jim  Connell Catholic Whistleblowers USA
Bride  Counihan   Ireland
Agostino De Caro Bshop in the ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ Italy
Joseph and Amelia  Deserto-Sury   USA
Eduardo  di Silva We are also Church Norway
Alan Doulton Evangelizing for a more vibrant, alert, and aware Church (E-VAAC) India
Rita  Dwyer religious cartoonist USA
Lynn Enright active in Women's Ordination Canada
William  Faulkner A Gathering of Friends USA
Kathy Fegan member of the House Church of Mary and Joseph USA
Ivan  Fernandes   India
John  Freml member of Equally Blessed USA
Ed  Gerlock working with farmers, urban poor, elderly Philippines
Isaac  Gomes Treasurer of Catholic Association of Bengal India
Gideon  Goosen theologian, member of ARCC Australia
Mary Lou  Hamilton Catholic Network for Women's Equality (CNWE) Canada
Paul  Hansen   USA
Carol  Harris member of Alliance of Louisville Laity USA
Filo Hirota Co-Director - CCRI Japan
Caridad  Inda Executive Director of Center for International Resources Mexico
Guia  Jambalos Religious of the Cenacle, Spiritual Directress Philippines
Peter  Johnstone Catholics for Renewal Australia
Richard  Kipyegon Soi Catholic priest,  Kenya
James  Kottoor journalist and author, former priest India
Hans  Kratz   Canada
Sebastian  Kunjumon   India
Kirit Macwan   India
Raquel  Mallavibarrena We are Church – Spain Spain
Sr. Mary John  Mananzan   Philippines
Joseph  Mattappally   India
Margaret Mary  Moore   USA
Matthew  Mwangi Theuri   South Africa
William  Nerin former priest USA
Tony Nichols member of WAACSA South Africa
Meneldil  Palantir Talmayar President of Tol Ardor France
Gabor  Parcsami   Hungary
Sheila  Peiffer Women's Ordination Conference USA
George  Polackal    
Janice  Poss Call to Action USA
Brad  Pritts member of a regional group of Voice of the Faithful USA
Denis  Rigdon Advocate for social justice USA
Tom  Roberts priest with Catholic Ecumenical Church USA
+Dr Karl Rodig Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ Worldwide
Fr. Joe  Ryan A Call to Action UK
Laurie  Sheehan   Australia
Anthony  Spencer researcher UK
Gerald  Stack active reform support from Western Australia Australia
Scilla Stack active reform support from Western Australia Australia
David  Timbs Catholics for Renewal Australia
Nessan  Vaughan   Ireland
Peter  Wilkinson Catholics for Renewal Australia
John  Williams   Canada
Robert Younas Community Service/ Apostle of World Apostolate of Fatima Pakistan


Ad Hoc Advisors

The people who advise CCR Int'l on major decisions

Tony Biviano with Bishop Robinson’s group, Australia: 
Chhotebhai, India: 
Mary Ellen Chown with CNWE, Canada: 
Mark Day, a former Franciscan and news producer in San Diego: 
Geoff Harris, member WAACSA South Africa:
Bishop Karl Rodig with Catholic Ecumenical Church of Christ, U.S.: 
Jose Maria Vigil, a Catholic author, Panama: 


Joe Boyle: Catholic Organizations for Renewal 

Organizations to keep in loop of communication

Donna Doucette, VOTF
Deb Rose-Milavec, Future Church